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6" Wallwash Eyelid   Fluorescent      Bookmark and Share

Model/Compatible Housings: Finish/Description:
2X8 Construction Housing


Wallwash trims are designed to bathe vertical surfaces with a uniform light level, highlighting items on a wall and making a room feel larger. The standard white eyelid wallwash trim provides the maximum light for wallwash applications.

6W1 Trim Spec Sheet
CW1 Trim Spec Sheet

Product Image
Blends well into the ceiling

2x8 Construction Housings (Standard Trims)

For use in ceilings with 2x8 joist construction.
IC - Insulation in ceiling.    Non-IC - No insulation in ceiling or insulation 3" away from housing.
See spec sheet for maximum wattage and lamp type.
New Construction
Model No.: LI6F
IC High Wattage
New Construction
Model No.: L7XF MVOLT
Steel Pan
Existing Ceilings
Model No.: L7XFR

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