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6" Lens Glass Drop Opal   Incandescent      Bookmark and Share

Model/Compatible Housings: Finish/Description:
2X8 Construction Housing
Black Baffle
2X8 Construction Housing
White Splay


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Wide, smooth distribution of light; most economical lensed unit.

2x8 Construction Housings (Standard Trims)

For use in ceilings with 2x8 joist construction.
IC - Insulation in ceiling.    Non-IC - No insulation in ceiling or insulation 3" away from housing.
See spec sheet for maximum wattage and lamp type.
New Construction
Model No.: LC6
Polycarbonate Pan
New Construction
Model No.: LI6
IC High Wattage
New Construction
Model No.: L7X
Steel Pan
Existing Ceilings
Model No.: L7XR

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