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AC Power Systems

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Intended Use

Automatic standby AC power systems for incandescent and fluorescent emergency lighting loads that provide full light output for 90 minutes of operation.



Microprocessor-controlled PWM inverter with IGBT technology allows for universal compatibility.

Standard RS232 diagnostic interface. Low-voltage disconnect, short-circuit protection, current-limiting and brown-out protection.

Stackable, modular cabinet design enabling versatile installation.

Systems using standard lead calcium batteries that are 5.0 KVA and below are self-contained. Larger systems require external, stackable battery cabinets.

LCD meter panel displays input/output voltage, battery voltage and output current.

24-hour battery recharge standard.

50-millisecond transfer time.


Maintenance-free, sealed lead calcium or lead calcium batteries with 20 year life.

Wet nickel cadmimum battery available.

Discharge cycle of 90 minutes at full load with fully charged batteries.


UL Listed. Meets UL 924, NFPA 101, NFPA 70, NEC and OSHA.

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