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Velare® Concealed Achitectural Emergency Lighting, city of Chicago Approved

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Intended Use

Provides 90 minutes of illumination for the rated wattage upon the loss of AC power. Ideal for applications that require ensconced emergency lighting in wall or ceiling.


Trim and door housing panels are finished in durable white textured powder coated paint. Can be wallpapered or field- painted. Trim and panel doors lay flush with mounting surface. No exposed hardware. Low-profile recessed test switch and status indicator configuration minimizes exposed interfaces. Rugged, 22-gauge galvanized steel box with three 3/4" knock-outs. Galvanized bar hangers span up to 30" on center.

Two MR16 halogen 12W to 75W lamps are fully adjustable to meet aiming requirements. Lamps are ensconced until activated in the emergency mode.

Sealed, maintenance-free lead-calcium battery with capacity of 24W to 150W for 90 minutes of emergency operation. Optional nickel-cadmium battery. Low-voltage disconnect prevents excessive deep discharge that can permanently damage the battery.

Dual-voltage input capability (120/277V). Precision-controlled motor and cam system ensures reliable extraction and retraction of light sources. Single, multi-chromatic LED indicator to display two-state charging, test activation and four-state diagnostic status. Standard self-diagnostic feature tests the unit for 30 minutes every 28 days without turning lamps on. Provided with an IR receiver for remote testing. Requires the ELA RTVEL remote transmitter (see Accessories). Selectable 30-second or 90-minute manual testing.


UL Listed. Meets UL924.

Three year limited warranty.

Complete warranty terms located at

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