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NEMA 4X Indura® Industrial Unit

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The Indura® 4X adds additional protection from hose-down or harsh environments where moisture, dirt and dust would limit the life of ordinary emergency lighting. Available with high-performance LT24 style lamp head LED light source, and a variety of fully-adjustable beam-spread incandescent lamps including PAR36 sealed-beam lamps.

Intended Use

Provides a minimum of 90 minutes of illumination for the rated wattage upon loss of AC power. Unique design for heavy and demanding industrial applications such as manufacturing plants, refineries, chemical plants, wastewater treatment facilities, food-processing facilities, breweries, loading docks and other applications subject to hose-down or industrial conditions.


Rugged, heavy-duty, polycarbonate clear housing lens and polycarbonate housing are sealed, gasketed, and corrosion-resistant.

Full range of lamp options available from 9W to 50W in sealed-beam or composite versions of incandescent, krypton or halogen lamps. Composite lamps feature unique field adjustable beam spread (by turning lamp bezel). Standard lamp is 9W krypton for 6V and 12V. Standard lamp is 18W incandescent for 24V.


Battery: Sealed, maintenance-free, lead-acid (SLA) battery with capacity of 100W for 90 minutes of emergency
operation of 6V, 12V or 24V units. Premium and Ultimate options offer high-temperature batteries (INDX618,
INDX1236, INDX12100 only). UL listed from 32° F to 131° F (0° C to 55° C) (Premium) or -40° F to 131° F
(-40° C to 55° C) (Ultimate).


Unique vertical orientation is perfect for mounting to a pole, column, wall, I-beam or unistrut. Install with epoxy-coated, corrosion-resistant, 12-gauge steel mounting bracket shipped standard. Conduit entry points located on both sides of unit.


UL Listed. Meets UL924. Cold weather (ULT) listing. NFPA 101, NEC and OSHA illumination standards. NEMA 4; 4X Rated. IP66 and NSF listed.

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