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Square Tapered Steel Hinged

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Intended Use

Square tapered steel hinged pole with 20- to 39-foot mounting heights. Good application where maintenance access is limited.


Shaft: Weldable-grade, hot-rolled, commercial-quality carbon steel having a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 55,000 psi and is supplied in 11-gauge (.1196") or 7-gauge (.1793") nominal thickness. Pole is one-piece construction with a full-length, longitudinal, high-frequency, electric-resistance weld. Shaft is square in cross-section having flat sides, radi used corners, and uniform taper of approximately 0.11 inches per foot (4-inch square poles are not tapered).

Hinge: Hinge pin is stainless steel. A flexible wiring guide is provided, passing through the hinge area for wiring protection. Hinge is external.

Anchor base: Fabricated from hot-rolled carbon steel plate conforming to ASTM A36 that meets or exceeds a minimum-yield strength of 36,000 psi. Base plate and shaft are circumferentially welded top and bottom.

Anchor bolts: Fabricated from carbon steel bar with minimum-yield strength of 55,000 psi. Bolts have an "L" bend on lower end and are galvanized a minimum of 12 inches on the threaded end per ASTM A-153. Each anchor bolt is furnished with two hex nuts and two flat washers.

Grounding: Provision located inside hand hole rim. Grounding hardware is not included (provided by others).

Hand hole: Rectangular, reinforced hand-hole rim having nominal dimensions of 3" x 5" for 4" shafts and oval shaped 4" x 6.5" for all other shafts. Steel cover with attachment screws included. Hand hole is located 18" above base.

Hardware: Fasteners are high-strength galvanized or zinc-plated or stainless steel.

Top cap: Removable top cap provided with drill-mount poles.

Base cover: Includes full-base cover finished to match pole.

Finish: Must specify finish.

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