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Round Tapered Concrete Sports Lighting Pole

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Intended Use

Round tapered direct bury (embedded) concrete sports lighting pole for up to 100-foot mounting heights.


Shaft: Concrete mix has a minimum 28-day compressive strength of 11,000 PSI and conforms with ASTM-C150. Prestressing steel reinforcement is uncoated 7-wire, stress relieved strand per ASTM-A416. Steel spiral reinforcement conforms to ASTM-A82 and is not less than .203 (5-gauge wire) diameter. Poles have a continuous taper of 0.216 inches per foot. Poles are centrifugally spun and round in cross-section with a hollow center.

Grounding: A continuous solid or stranded copper ground wire is cast into the pole. Wire terminates at top of pole to accept a 1/2" x24" lightning rod. Copper coupling, approximately 12" below grade, provides a 1/2" tapped insert at pole face for grounding hardware.

Hand hole: 4" x 8" hand hole is located 24" above ground line. 4" x 8" conduit entrance is located 18" below ground line. A 2-1/2" x 8" reinforced hand hole with flush cover is located at cage/crossarm locations. 1-1/2" coupling wire inlet/outlet is located opposite this hand hole. Inserts for hand hole and conduit entrance are non-corrosive and weatherproof. Hand-hole frames and covers conform to ASTM-B240.

Hardware: Fasteners are high-strength galvanized or zinc-plated or stainless steel.

Finish: Natural concrete finish.

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