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Surface Volumetric Lighting

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Intended Use

The RT5X series is designed for surface-mount applications where comfort, aesthetics and energy savings are important. Provides volumetric lighting for applications such as offices, schools, hospitals, retail and numerous other commercial applications. Available in 2'x4', 2'x2' and 1'x4' configurations.


Two-lamp configuration provides 33% energy savings when compared to a common three-lamp T8 system.

Low-profile 3-5/8" depth.

Two-piece refractor system uses the combination of diffusing optical film and precisely extruded prisms to efficiently diffuse light.

Reflector includes micro-facets that echo the frequency of the prisms in the refractor, providing a quiet appearance in the ceiling.

Lamp accessed by squeezing refractor to release from retention tabs.


Delivers volumetric lighting by filling the entire volume of space with light, delivering the ideal amount to walls, cubicles, work surfaces and people. Luminous characteristics are carefully managed at high angles to deliver just enough intensity to provide the volumetric effect.


A wide variety of ballast configurations including set light output or step-level dimming. Step-dimming options allow the system to be switched to 50% power for compliance with common energy codes while illuminating both lamps.

Highly efficient programmed start electronic ballast, Class P, thermally protected, resetting, HPF, non-PCB, UL Listed and CSA Certified, sound rated A.

Premier F28T5 lamp with enhanced phosphors and 85 CRI. Ballast/lamp efficacy of 28T5 is 100+ LPW.

Ballast disconnect provided standard where required to comply with U.S. and Canadian electrical codes.


UL Listed. CUL Listed or CSA Certified to Canadian standards – optional. NOM Certified – optional.

Protected by one or more of US Patents Nos. 7,229,192; D541,467; D541,468; D544,633; D544,634; D544,992 and D544,933. Additional patent pending.

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