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Staggered Strips

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Intended Use

Use for applications requiring uninterrupted illumination levels such as coves or displays.


Channel is offset at both ends to accept adjoining fixtures in row applications.

Lamps in adjacent fixtures overlap 4" to provide continuous illumination.

High-gloss, baked-polyester finish.

Channel connectors furnished.

Telescoping version provides even, continuous environment without shadows.

Optional aluminum fixtures feature corrosion-resistant fasteners for use in damp and harsh locations.


Ballast: Thermally protected, resetting, Class P, HPF, non-PCB, UL Listed, CSA Certified ballast is standard. Sound rating depends on lamp/ballast combination.

AWM, TFN or THHN wire used throughout, rated for required temperatures.

Ballast disconnect provided standard where required to comply with U.S. and Canadian electrical codes.


UL Listed. CUL Listed or CSA Certified to Canadian standards–optional. NOM Certified–optional.

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