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Avante® Side-Mount Diffuser

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Intended Use

Side-mounted diffuser, a recessed direct/indirect alternative with performance similar to symmetric Avante®. Especially suited for conference rooms, corridors and reception areas where soft, distinctive lighting is required.


The optimum mix of directional and diffuse reflected light combine for balanced illumination between task and proximate walls, enhanced visual comfort and minimized shadows.

Side-mounted diffusers are available in 2'x2' and 2 'x4' models

Available with MDR and MDM shielding options.

Matte-white polyester powder paint finished reflectors provide uniform light distribution. Optional low-brightness diffuse aluminum stepped reflectors available.

Can be installed in continuous rows.

Injection-molded plastic light traps prevent light leaks between diffusers and end plates.


Ballast disconnect provided standard where required to comply with U.S. and Canadian electrical codes.


UL Listed. CUL Listed or CSA Certified to Canadian standards. NOM Certified – optional.

Protected by one or more of U.S. Patents Nos.: 5,988,829; 399,586; 411,641; 413,402; 2,212,513; 87,513.

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