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RT5 Volumetric Recessed Lighting

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Two-lamp RT5™ luminaire provides 33% energy savings when compared to a common three-lamp T8 system.

Low profile 3-1/8” depth makes the RT5™ fixture ideal for applications where plenum height is a factor.

Two-piece refractor system uses the combination of diffusing optical film and precisely extruded prisms to efficiently diffuse light.

Reflector includes micro-facets that echo the frequency of the prisms in the refractor, providing a quiet appearance in the ceiling.

Available in a number of ballast configurations including set light output or step level dimming.

Versions available: Recessed and surface mount versions of 2'x4', 2'x 2', 1'x4' plus heat removal (CAS) recessed, and 6" Narrow RT5.

Sloped endplates provide a balanced fixture-to-ceiling ratio while enhancing the perception of fixture height. Ballast/lamp ballast efficacy of F28T5 is 100+ LPW.

Side-mounted ballast tray accessed by removing adjacent ceiling tile.


Step-dimming options (available on some units) allow the system to be switched to 50% power for compliance with common energy codes while illuminating both lamps.


UL Listed (standard). CSA Certified (see Options).

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