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Specification Premium T8 Troffer

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Intended Use

Specification premium, high-performance, static T8 luminaires provide general illumination for recessed indoor applications; ideal for restricted plenum spaces.


Innovative low-profile design optimized around T8 lamps, low-profile electronic ballasts and T8 compact sockets.

Hemmed sides provide smooth edges for easy handling during installation.

Standard steel door frame features precise flush-mitered corners.

Unique door frame design delivers a premium extruded appearance.

Housing and door frame interface provides a superior mechanical light seal without the use of foam gasketing.

Standard rotary cam latch. Door latches and hinges from either side.

Improved performance – higher fixture efficiency and reduced lamp image.

Integral T-bar safety clips are standard; no need to install separate clips.

Aluminum door frames available, flush or regressed.

Compatible with virtually all ceiling types. Field trim modification kits also available.


Ballast Disconnect provided standard where required to comply with US and Canadian electrical codes.


UL Listed. CUL Listed or CSA Certified to Canadian standards – optional. NOM Certified – optional.

Protected by one or more of U.S. Patent Nos. 6,210,025; 6,231,213; 6,213,625; 2,288,471.

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