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D-Series VC Area Size 0

DSX0 VC LED Area Luminaire

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Intended Use

Perfect for pedestrian areas, parking lots and building aprons in many applications including commercial offices, hospitals, campuses, libraries, museums, parks and retail shopping.


The new D-Series VC Size 0 area luminaire sets a new standard for visually comfortable exterior lighting. The DSX0 VC integrates edge-lit LED light guide technology with recessed optics and the new Lithonia® Transition Zone to provide the ultimate experience for any exterior location where people care about visual comfort. Performance packages range from 4,200 lumens to more than 12,000 lumens with 80 CRI and is available in 3000K, 4000K or 5000K with available backlight shield, flat bezel and a comprehensive suite of networked and integrated control options from Acuity Controls.

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