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Mini Wall Pack LED Outdoor, Polycarbonate

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The popular TWS luminaire is now available with long-lasting, energy-efficient LED technology. Featuring a classic dayform, the TWS LED offers a traditional appearance and is powered by advanced LEDs. The TWS LED luminaire is powerful yet energy efficient, capable of replacing up to a 70W HPS wall pack while saving up to 80% in energy costs. With long-life LEDs, the TWS LED eliminates frequent lamp and ballast replacements associated with traditional technologies.

Intended Use

The TWS LED combines traditional wall pack design with high-output LEDs to provide an energy-efficient, low maintenance LED wall pack suitable for replacing up to 100W MH fixtures. The traditional shape helps maintain building aesthetics when replacing only a portion of your building’s wall packs. TWS LED is for outdoor applications such as personnel doors, loading areas, driveways and parking areas.


Back plate is die-cast aluminum. Front cover is impact-resistant polycarbonate which is fully gasketed. All electronics are protected in the upper housing. Housing is sealed against moisture and environmental contaminants.


Protective polycarbonate lens covers the LEDs. Prismatic front cover and precision-molded reflector for superior uniformity and fixture spacing. Light engine is available in 5000K (70 min. CRI).


Light engine consists of two high-powered, long-life, high-efficacy LEDs mounted on an internal aluminum heat sink to maximize heat dissipation and promote long life (L95/100,000 hours at 40°C). Driver and integral photocell operate at 120V and are fully enclosed in the upper housing. There are no user serviceable parts.


Back housing easily mounts to any recessed junction box. With all electronics in upper housing the open lower section makes wiring easy. Mount on any vertical surface. Not recommended in applications where a sprayed stream of water can come in direct contact with polycarbonate lens.


UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards.

Warranty: Five year limited warranty. Full warranty terms located at

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.
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