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Relighting for T8 Lensed Troffers

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Intended Use

The 2VT8RT Relight assembly is the ideal solution for renovating obsolete and inefficient lensed troffers, delivering improved quality of light and refreshing the space. VTR volumetric lighting eliminates the “cave effect” by delivering the ideal amount of light to walls, work surfaces, and people. The 2VT8RT Relight assembly is recommended for offices, schools, hospitals, and other general lighting applications where existing 2x4 or 2x2 lensed troffers are currently in use.


End bracket bases and lampholder brackets are constructed of 20-gauge powder-painted steel. End bracket bases are painted white to match existing lensed troffer doorframe surrounds, and a white side trim kit is included to cover old troffer gaps. The one-piece reflector is die-formed aluminum finished in either highly reflective 92% white powder paint (standard) or in 95% specular anodized finish (HE option).

The doorframe / external reflector assembly is vaulted cold-rolled steel with embossed facets and is painted after fabrication. Impact-modified, single clear acrylic diffuser provides excellent shielding and wide distribution.


Volumetric illumination is delivered by creating an optimal mix of light to walls, partitions, vertical and horizontal work surfaces — rendering the interior space, objects and occupants in a more balanced, complementary luminous environment. Vaulted reflector cavity with linear facets softens and distributes light into the space while minimizing luminous contrast between the fixture and ceiling. Sloped end plates provide a smooth, luminous transition between fixture and ceiling while enhancing the perception of fixture depth.


Standard ballast is high-efficiency, CEE (Consortium for Energy Efficiency) qualified, instant start, <10% THD, universal voltage and sound rated A. Suggested lamps are high-lumen, long-life super T8 lamps which contribute to optimizing system performance. Optional program start and step-dim bi-level ballasts are available as well as several ballast factor options to maximize energy savings and to allow the amount of light to be balanced to the application.

Ballast disconnect provided where required to comply with US and Canadian codes.


End bracket bases (painted white to match lensed troffer finish) are secured to the host fixture with provided tek screws. The pre-wired electrical module is mounted to the host fixture channel with included self-tapping tek screws. The lampholder assemblies are pre-wired to the ballast and simply snap into position on the end brackets. Optimum lamp position relative to aperture is consistently maintained by the positive snap-fit installation. The ballast assembly wires to the supply voltage using a driver-disconnect plug system provided as standard. (A wiring connection cover is provided for use if required.) The one-piece highly efficient reflector slides into place and is secured without tools using integral tabs.

The unitized reflector / refractor doorframe assembly attaches firmly to the end bracket via a reliable sliding hinge and is secured in the closed position with a rotating cam latch. The doorframe and reflector assembly is cold-rolled steel with embossed facets and is painted after fabrication. Impact-modified, single clear acrylic diffuser provides excellent shielding and wide distribution.

Installation of Relight assembly does not significantly reduce air-handling functions. UL/cUL listing of the host fixture is not affected. Suitable for damp location and air-handling installations.


UL / cUL Classified. Labeled for use in both static and air-handling fixtures; installation per instructions will not significantly impact existing fixture air-handling capabilities. Installation of 2VT8R does not impact existing fixture UL listing. NYC approved (#49192).

Protected by one or more of US Patent Nos. 7,229,192; D541,467; D541,468; D544,633; D544,634; D544,992. D544,933 and additional patents pending.

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