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  Step 1. Select Field Size(s) and number of poles desired.
  Step 2. Select required light level(s)
  Step 3. Select desired Fixture type(s)
  Step 4. Press the Submit button.
  Design information will be retured including fixture and pole quantities, links to a PDF point illuminance layout, and a Visual File.
  Mtg Height/Setback   Levels Fixture
160ft X 200ft Field
4 Poles 6 Poles  
75ft/80ft 75ft/80ft  
70ft/60ft 70ft/60ft  
50ft/30ft 50ft/30ft  
180ft X 300ft Field
4 Poles 6 Poles  
80ft/80ft 80ft/80ft  
70ft/60ft 70ft/60ft  
60ft/30ft 60ft/30ft
225ft X 360ft Field
4 Poles 6 Poles  
90ft/80ft 90ft/80ft  
80ft/60ft 80ft/60ft  
70ft/30ft 70ft/30ft  
General Purpose Flood
Axially Mounted Lamp
Formed Ballast Housing
Specification Sports Flood
Transverse Mounted Lamp
Die Cast Ballast Housing
Yoke Mount Design