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Pole Data
RSA: Round Straight Aluminum
RSAH: Round Straight Hinged Aluminum
RTA: Round Tapered Aluminum
RTAU: Round Tapered (Aluminum) with Upswept Mast Arms
SSA: Square Straight Aluminum
SSAH: Square Straight Hinged Aluminum
SSCA: Square Straight Cruciform Aluminum
RSALP: OMERO Low Profile Round Straight Aluminum Pole
RSAO: OMERO™ Round Straight Aluminum Decorative Pole
SPRTC: Round Tapered Concrete Sports Lighting Pole
STC: Square Tapered Concrete
RTF: Round Tapered Fiberglass
RTFDB: Round Tapered Fiberglass Direct Burial
SSF: Square Straight Fiberglass
RSS: Round Straight Steel
RTS: Round Tapered Steel
RTSU: Round Tapered Steel with Upsweep Mast Arms
SPRTS: Round Tapered Steel Sport Lighting
SSS: Square Straight Steel
STS: Square Tapered Steel
STSH: Square Tapered Steel Hinged
RTAFP: Round Tapered Aluminum Flag pole
RTAH: Round Tapered Aluminum Hinged Pole
RTSLU: Round Tapered Steel Low Rise Upsweep Arm Pole
RTSLT: Round Tapered Steel Low Rise Truss Arm Pole
RTST: Round Tapered Steel Truss Arm Pole
RTSUDB: Round Tapered Steel Upsweep Single Member Mast Arm Direct Burial Pole
RTSD: Round Tapered Steel Davit Arm Pole
RTSDB: Round Tapered Steel Direct Burial