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Installation Tips

TSP Aiming
TV Aiming


TSP Aiming

The aiming diagram provided by the factory details the locations of luminaire aiming points.  It is helpful to predetermine the correlation between a particular aiming point and the associated fixture location in the cluster or cage.  Luminaire number information is provided in the aiming diagram for this purpose.  When marking the luminaire aiming point on the field it is suggested that a numbered survey flag be used corresponding to the proper luminaire.

Luminaires should be energized prior to starting the point aiming process.  It is possible for experienced personnel to aim luminaires without having them lit, but it is much easier (even during daylight hours) to do this when they are lit.

To aim a luminaire, locate the appropriate luminaire and corresponding aiming point.  Starting at the aiming point, walk toward the current luminaire, stopping when your head casts a shadow on the aiming point (flag) as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Once in position, look through welding glass (#10 works well) at the light source to determine which direction the luminaire needs to be moved.  It is not recommended that you look into the optical assembly without this.  When properly aimed, you will see concentric circles emanating from the center of the fixture.  If these circles are aligned, the fixture has been aimed properly.  Use Figure 2 as a guide.

When aiming, do not loosen both vertical and horizontal locking hardware at the same time.  First determine the horizontal aiming, and then lock into position.  Proceed with the vertical aiming, and lock into position when the luminaire is aimed correctly.

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Figure 2