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Design Tips


It is desirable to locate some of the poles beyond the baselines to provide illumination on the approaching ball when the player is positioned behind the baseline. Luminaires on those poles may need to be shielded to avoid direct glare to the players. Poles should not be located between two adjacent courts other than at the net line or the fence line.  Freestanding poles in between two courts are extremely hazardous to the players.  Tennis courts can be lighted with floodlights or shoebox style fixtures with the proper distributions.

Locations: The recommended pole quantity varies are 4 poles located on the sidelines. Optimum locations are located away from the corner of the playing area.

Glare Control: To reduce glare floodlights must be aimed out of the line of sight of the players. The proper arrangement of poles will minimize any direct glare for players.  Therefore poles should not be placed where players will frequently view the fixtures.

Luminaire Beam Spread: The beam spread of each floodlight should be selected to put the maximum amount of light on the field without producing a hot spot.  The beam should be wide enough to overlap the distribution from adjacent aiming points.

Mounting Height: The minimum mounting height to the bottom row of luminaires for all poles is 9 meters (30 feet).  Mounting heights would be increased to compensate for the additional rows of luminaires.  Mounting heights should also be increased when necessary to prevent glare and efficiently utilize the beam.