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Design Tips

Soccer is a ground level sport with the ball traveling very high into the air. Major national and international competitions are generally held in large stadiums with specially designed illumination systems. Regulation soccer field sizes vary from a width of 59 to 69 meters (195 to 225 feet) and a length of 100 to 110 meters (330 to 360 feet).

Floodlight Locations: The recommended pole quantity varies from 6 poles when located close to the sidelines and 4 poles when located away from the sidelines.  Lighting towers located in the corners of major stadiums are an acceptable method based on the long setback.

Glare Control: To reduce glare floodlights must be aimed out of the line of sight of the players. The proper arrangement of poles will minimize any direct glare for players.

Luminaire Beam Spread: The beam spread of each floodlight should be selected to put the maximum amount of light on the field without producing a hot spot.  The beam should be wide enough to overlap the distribution from adjacent aiming points.

Mounting Height: The minimum mounting height to the bottom row of luminaires for all poles are 15 meters (50 feet).  Mounting heights would be increased to compensate for the additional rows of luminaires.  Mounting heights should also be increased when necessary to prevent glare and efficiently utilize the beam.