Trespass Issues

Light Trespass and Spill Light

What is light trespass or spill light?
Spill light or light trespass is the light that illuminates surfaces beyond the property line. An example is the light on a bedroom wall coming through the window from the ball field across the street.

Where does spill light come from?

The terms spill light and glare are sometimes used interchangeably. They do relate to one another but are actually two different phenomena. Glare is what you see when you look into a fixture or other source of light. Spill light is the light that illuminates surfaces beyond the area intended to be illuminated.

Can spill light be limited?

A number of ordinances place limits on spill light near the property line as the sole means of controlling light trespass. The most effective way to minimize spill light from a location is to apply forward throw optics around the perimeter. Lithonia Lighting’s R4SC optic is designed specifically for this application.