Lighting Guide
Lighting The Application
There are different techniques to lighting your space. Listed below are some typical uses of downlights in a commercial environment.
General and Task Lighting
Fills the room with uniform illumination. Recommended light levels are as follows:

*fc (Footcandles)
Wall Lighting
Produces uniform illumination on vertical surfaces to expand or accentuate walls.

Optimal fixture spacing for wallwash trims is 3 feet apart and 3 feet from the wall.

Grazing textured walls creates defining shadows. Optimal fixture spacing is 6" - 9" inches from the wall and 12" - 18" inches apart.
Accent Lighting
Use concentrated beams of light to draw attention to an object or surface. For contrast, light levels should be 4 - 5 times higher than the general light level in a room.

Overhead Accenting
Light should be aimed at a 30° angle from vertical. This is to prevent light from interfering with the line of sight. For greater visual interest aim a second light from a different position.

Vertical Surface Accenting
Objects and pictures generally look best when lighted at an angle of 30° from vertical. Based on an average eye level of 65" the illustration shows how far to install a recessed light fixture from the wall.