Lighting Guide
Choosing The Aperture Size
Aperture size is the nominal diameter of the trim opening expressed in inches. Choose the aperture size based on the type of light source selected for the application and the scale of the architecture.
4 inch
The smallest aperture offered and perfect for low voltage accent lighting. The MR-16 is the ideal lamp to use.
5 inch
Ideal for incandescent applications with ceiling heights under 14 feet. The 75 PAR30 offers high lumen output, which allows for higher light levels with a small aperture appearance.
6 inch
Available in incandescent, low voltage, compact fluorescent and H.I.D.. The 6-inch has the widest variety of trims to meet the requirements of many lighting applications.
8 inch
Designed for use with incandescent, compact fluorescent and H.I.D.. 8-inch reflectors provide the best lamp cut-off and glare control and are ideal for higher mounting heights.