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Product Line
The Avante product line is an alternative to traditional general area lighting that offers:

Contemporary European styling
Reduction of shadows
Improved facial rendering
A complete products offering suitable for a variety of applications

Direct / Indirect Light Distribution
Avante's blend of recessed direct/indirect light distribution was developed by engineers at Lithonia. By distributing light in two ways, the Avante system:

Enhances visual comfort
Improves visibility
Balances luminance throughout the space

The photographs below compare the effects of traditional deep-cell parabolic lighting and the Avante system in a typical private office application. Note the improved illumination of walls and the overall balance of luminance throughout the space on the right. This results in a more spacious and pleasant appearance while improving visibility.

Private-office lighting comparison of conventional 
parabolic system (left) vs. Avante (right)

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