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Track Sticks - LT

Track Sticks in Various Lengths

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Lithonia Commercial Track is in the process of being discontinued. As a result, stock may be limited. Remaining stock is discounted by 30%. Please consult your local agency for availability.

Intended Use

One track section for use with Lithonia Lighting® track fixtures. Common applications include retail, grocery, museums or any application requiring accent illumination and the versatility of track lighting systems.


Low-profile, heavy-gauge, extruded aluminum channel for maximum rigidity; available in white or black finishes.

Track sections can be surface- or pendant-mounted individually or joined to form continuous rows.

Visible polarity line indicates proper electrical connection and mechanical alignment.

Live end or feed connectors must be used to power track.


<p>One circuit: One 20-amp circuit, #12-gauge copper conductors are co-extruded in PVC insulator. </p>

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