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Premium Open Glass Optical

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Intended Use

For high mounting heights that require high efficiencies, horizontal and vertical illumination, and premium contrast control. Optimum performance for high ambient temperatures and dirty environments. Ideal for heavy manufacturing areas, warehouses and retail aisles.


Housing: Rugged, heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum with white polyester powder finish. Electrical components horizontally opposed and heat-sinked to ballast housing for cooler operation.


High-efficiency, high-performance, heat-resistant borosilicate glass reflector mounted within heavy-gauge rigid wire form rings and rods fitted to top and bottom of reflector. Yields high vertical footcandles with low brightness and excellent contrast control. Self-cleaning, ventilated design carries optical contaminants out through top of reflector.


Ballast: All ballasts are 100% factory tested. HPS: Constant wattage autotransformer. MH: 175-450W fixtures shipped within the U.S. require super CWA pulse start ballasts which are 88% efficient and EISA-legislation compliant (must specify SCWA option). CSA, NOM or INTL options required for probe start shipments outside the U.S. 1000W is constant wattage autotransformer.

Socket: Vertically oriented mogul base protected exclusionary "PINK" socket with copper alloy, nickel-plated screw shell and center contact. For use with O-rated, protected metal halide lamps only.


Cast-aluminum pendant splice box threaded for 3/4" conduit (standard). Other mounting options available.


UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards. NOM Certified. UL Listed for damp locations. Ambient operation: -30°C to 55°C (high ambient HA option for 65°C). 875W and 1000W pulse start -30°C to 40°C.

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