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Die-Cast Aluminum Housings, Interchangeable Opticals

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Intended Use

Use TH ballast housing with these opticals:

A14: Best for vertical illumination; aisleways. Mounting heights: 18’-35'.
A15: Best for horizontal illumination. Mounting heights: 18’-25’.
A16: Provides high efficiencies; glare control. Mounting heights: 18’-35’.
A17, A22: For optimum lamp shielding; glare control. Mounting heights: 18’-40’+ .
PA16, PA22, PA22E, PA22L: Provides high efficiencies; vertical & horizontal illumination; uplight; glare control. Mounting heights: 18’-35’.
PA22N, PA22SP, PA25: For high efficiency uplight; glare control; more narrow distributions for higher mounting heights. Mounting heights: 20’-40’+ .


Modular ballast housing for high bay opticals. Pre-attached adjustable legs accept a wide selection of anodized aluminum and prismatic acrylic high bay reflectors. A variety of distribution patterns at higher mounting heights can be achieved. These systems provide minimum brightness and glare, and superior energy efficiency.

Large ballast housing utilized for optional high ambient temperature rating and for 450-1000W ballasts.

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