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Square Tapered Concrete

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Intended Use

Square tapered direct bury (embedded) concrete pole for up to 40-foot mounting heights.


Shaft: Concrete mix has a minimum 28-day compressive strength of 8500 psi and conforms with ASTM-C150. Prestressing steel reinforcement is uncoated 7-wire, stress-relieved strand per ASTM-A416. Steel spiral reinforcement conforms to ASTM-A82 and is not less than .120-inch (11-gauge) diameter with a maximum pitch of 6 inches. Poles have a continuous taper of 0.165 inches per foot.

Grounding: An 18" long, #4 stranded copper pigtail, connected to reinforced strand, is provided at pole top and at cable entrance below grade.

Hand hole: A 3" x 5" hand hole is located 24" above ground line and a 2-1/2" x 7" or larger conduit entrance is located 18" below ground line. Inserts for the hand hole and conduit entrance are non-corrosive and weatherproof. Hand-hole frames and covers conform to ASTM-B240.

Hardware: Fasteners are high-strength galvanized, zinc-plated or stainless steel.

Finish: Natural concrete finish.

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