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Relighting for Lensed Troffers

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Intended Use

The RT8RT relight assembly is the ideal solution for renovating obsolete lensed troffer systems, delivering improved quality of light and refreshing the space.

RT8RT volumetric lighting eliminates the “cave effect” by delivering the ideal amount of light to walls, work surfaces, and people. The RT8RT relight assembly is recommended for schools, offices, hospitals and other general lighting applications. Certain airborne contaminants can diminish integrity of acrylic.

Relighting details (web site).


Universal end brackets containing the pre-wired ballast and sockets are constructed of 20-gauge powder-painted steel and are secured to the host fixture with provided TEK screws. A splice box is provided to enclose electrical connections, and a ballast disconnect plug system is provided as standard. The reflector system uses a highly reflective white finish for optimum efficiency and attaches securely to the end brackets with quarter-turn fasteners. A one-piece trim assembly serves as the instrument that delivers the light. Molded and recyclable PETE (polyethylene) reflector is firmly attached to the universal bracket via reliable hinge and latch assembly. Included as part of the trim assembly are two linear prismed acrylic refractors with light-diffusing finish for even illumination and lamp obscuration. Trim kit to cover side reveals (if necessary) is provided as standard.

Splice box replaces the typical wireway by providing a cover for the connections of incoming supply wire and is attached to the host fixture with two TEK screws.


Luminous characteristics are carefully managed at high angles, providing just enough intensity to develop the volumetric effect. Regressed, one-piece refractive system obscures and softens the lamp and smoothly washes the reflector with light. Linear faceted reflectors soften and distribute light into the space, and minimize the contrast between the fixture and the ceiling. Mechanical cutoff across the reflector and fresnel refraction along the reflector provide high-angle shielding and a quiet ceiling. Sloped endplates provide a balanced fixture-to-ceiling ratio while enhancing the perception of the fixture depth.


Standard ballast is high-efficiency, CEE (Consortium for Energy Efficiency) qualified, instant start, <10% THD, universal voltage and sound rated A. Suggested lamps are high-lumen, long-life super T8 lamps which contribute to optimizing system performance. Optional program start and step-dim bi-level ballasts are available as well as several ballast factor options to maximize energy savings and to allow the amount of light to be balanced to the application.


UL / cUL Classified. Labeled for use in air-handling fixtures. Does not impact existing fixture UL listing. NYC approved (#49192).

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