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Relighting for Parabolics

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Intended Use

The RT5™ relight assembly is the ideal solution for renovating obsolete parabolic systems, delivering quality of light and refreshing the space. RT5R volumetric lighting eliminates the parabolic cave effect by delivering the ideal amount of light to walls, cubicles, work surfaces and people.

RT5R is suitable for replacing any 2'x4' parabolic fixture with at least 4-3/8" overall depth. 2RT5R is not specifically designed for lensed troffers. The RT5 relight assembly is recommended for offices, schools, hospitals, commercial and other general lighting applications.

Relighting details (web site).


The relight assembly consists of five component parts that easily install into the host fixture. Compatible with field-installed emergency battery packs.


Luminous characteristics are carefully managed at high angles, providing just enough intensity to deliver the volumetric effect.


Step-dimming (100% to 50%) ballasts are available to provide bi-level switching for increased energy savings using existing wiring and wall switches. SIMPLY5™ options and other dimming options are available for even greater control.

Ballast disconnect provided standard where required to comply with U.S. and Canadian electrical codes.


UL / CUL Classified. Does not impact existing fixture UL listing. Labeled for use in air-handling units.

Protected by one or more of U.S. Patents Nos. 7,229,192; D541, 467; D541,468; D544,633; D544,634; D544,992 and D544,933. Additional patents pending.

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