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LED Parking Garage Luminaire Outdoor

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The PGX LED luminaire is designed to provide visual comfort, energy savings, and long life. Its prismatic borosilicate glass lens delivers optimal visual comfort, superior photometric control, and no discoloration over the life of the luminaire. The PGX LED delivers up to 86% in energy savings when replacing 175W metal halide luminaires. With over a 100,000 hour life expectancy, (12+ years of 24/7 continuous operation) the PGX LED luminaire provides significant maintenance savings over traditional luminaires.

Intended UseThe PGX LED Parking Garage luminaire is an ideal choice for new commercial installations and retrofit parking garage opportunities. It is designed to meet or exceed recommended illuminance criteria when installed as a direct replacement of most HID parking garage luminaires. ConstructionThe PGX LED luminaire’s die-cast housing has integral heat sink fins to optimize thermal management through conductive and convective cooling. The LED driver is mounted in direct contact with the casting to promote low operating temperatures and long life. The housing is completely sealed against moisture and environmental contaminants (IP66) and is suitable for hose-down applications. ElectricalCOBs were designed and specially mounted to the housing to maximize heat dissipation and promote long life (100,000 hrs, L83.) Each COB uses a Class 2 electronic driver with a power factor >90%, THD <20%, and an expected life of 100,000 hours. Optional 10kV (5kA) surge available which meets a minimum Category C low operation (per ANSI./IEEE C62.41.2).

The PGX LED has multiple mounting options tailored to diverse parking garage applications. For pendant mount applications, the PGX LED accepts a rigid or free-swinging 3 / 4” NPT stem (provided by others). For surface mount needs, the PGX LED mounts using a universal, high galvanized steel, quick mount kit for up to a 4”x4” recessed or surface mount junction box. The surface mount has an integral mounting support that allows the luminaire to hinge down for quick and easy electrical connections. Luminaire and surface mount are secured with screws. Also available with a yoke/trunnion mount, adjustable mounting heights from 10”-18”. PGX LED supply leads are 12” in length as standard, for longer supply leads please consult factory.

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