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MRT Retrofit Kit

Troffer Retrofit Kit

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Intended Use

The MRT troffer retrofit kit is designed to fit easily in most commercial fluorescent troffers to provide maximum efficiency and full, even lamp imaging below. This series delivers high light levels for general lighting retrofits of normally spaced 2'x4', 2'x2' and 1'x4' recessed troffer fixtures. Typical applications include classrooms, offices, hospitals and commercial areas.


Reflectors are precision-formed aluminum for optimal performance. Segmented reflectors are available in a variety of finishes with choice of reflectances (standard shown below; consult factory for additional finishes). Reflector optics offer varying photometric distributions and spacing criteria to best meet application and budget requirements. Socket brackets are white pre-painted die-formed aluminum and are designed to fit in most troffers. Socket brackets may be mounted either to end plates or to the top panel of the existing fixture.

Installs quickly and easily using only four self-tapping screws (included). All products ship as components packaged in job packs for minimal waste at the installation site. Consult factory for component job-pack quantities.

Lamps are secured with rotary locking lamp sockets for ease of relamping and to withstand vibration or incidental contact. Lamp socket accepts #18ga. wire (solid, solder-dipped or twisted-tinned).


UL/CUL classified (standard except for 347V; consult factory). Consult factory for NOM availability.

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