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4" IC Low Voltage New Construction Housing

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Intended Use

Recessed housing rated IC for new construction applications. Approved for direct burial in insulation and through-branch circuit wiring. Approved for most wiring and ceiling types.


Air-tight standard. Meets current energy codes.

Pre-painted steel inner housing and aluminum outer housing mounted to a rugged galvanized steel pan.

Captive bar hangers span 24" and feature built-in nailers and T-bar clips.

Suitable for ceilings up to 1-1/2" thick in new construction only.

Precision-wound step-down transformer with class H insulation. For dimming control, use only dimmers specifically designed for use with magnetic (core and coil) transformers.

Two-pin porcelain socket attaches to lamp. Lamp clips to trim to ensure proper and consistent position.

Trims: 30° vertical tilt standard (except 3VS1 pinhole trim).


UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian standards.

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