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6" IC Compact Fluorescent New Construction Housing

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Intended Use

Recessed incandescent housings for 2x8 new construction. Approved for direct burial in insulation and all ceiling and wiring types.


Pre-painted steel housing.

Galvanized steel junction box with four built-in ROMEX® clamps; two 1/2" and four 3/4" knockouts with slots for pryout. Rated for through- branch wiring.

Trim retention: Housing ships with retention clips which secure reflector upon installation.

Galvanized bar hangers span up to 24" o.c. and feature built-in nailer and T-bar clips.

Socket attaches to reflector to ensure proper and consistent lamp position.


Electronic multi-volt ballast, 120V through 277V with end of life protection. Maximum six (three in, three out) #12 AWG conductor. Rated for 90°C supply wire. Ground wire provided. Class P thermally protected ballast protects against improper contact with insulation and approved for through-branch circuit wiring. Poke-home connector standard.

Socket base: 13W four-pin DTT (G24Q-1), TRT (GX24Q-1); 18W four-pin DTT (G24Q-2), TRT (GX24Q-2); 26W four-pin TRT (GX24Q-3).


UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards.

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