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LED Wraparounds

Contractor Select LBL & SBL LED Wraps

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Step up to LED without breaking the bank!

Intended Use

An affordable digital lighting platform designed to deliver general ambient lighting for surface-mount ceiling applications in schools, offices and hospitals. Available in both the curved-basket (LBL LED) and the square-basket (SBL LED) LED wraparounds, the LED technology ensures reliable color consistency and extended service life. These two solutions provide the look similar to that of an existing fluorescent wrap, but provide all of the great benefits of LED technology: energy-savings, long life, and maintenance savings.


Metal parts are die formed from code-gauge steel.

Finish: Five-stage iron phosphate pretreatment assures superior paint adhesion and rust resistance. Painted parts finished with high-gloss, high-reflectivity baked white polyester enamel (low VOC).


Prismatic diffusers have linear side prisms and use a lay-in optical film for the LBL LED and a translucent white additive on the SBL LED. This approach helps minimize lamp image and provides high-angle brightness control. Luminous end plates on the LBL LED soften appearance for improved aesthetics.


Long-life LEDs, coupled with high-efficiency drivers, provide extended service life. 90%

LED lumen maintenance at 60,000 hours (L90/60,000).

LED drivers deliver dimming from 0-10V control signal.


CSA certified to U.S. and Canadian standards. Damp listed.

DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) qualified product. Not all versions of this product may be DLC qualified. Please check the DLC Qualified Products List at to confirm which versions are qualified.

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