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6" Compact Fluorescent Remodel Housing

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Intended Use

Recessed housing rated IC or Non-IC for 2x8 remodel applications. Approved for direct burial in insulation.


Air-tight aluminum housing with three remodel clips for installation in existing plaster, sheet rock or mechanical ceilings. Heavy-gauge galvanized steel raceway arm. Galvanized steel junction box with four built-in ROMEX® clamps and five 1/2" knockouts with slots for pryout. Not suitable for pulling wires.Rated for 90°C. Ground wire provided. Removable J-box door for easy access.

Trim retention (clips): Retaining clips riveted to top of reflector hold trim inside housing.

Trim retention (TOR): Two side-mounted torsion springs on the trim and two receiving brackets in the can, ensure a consistently tight fit with the ceiling.

Suitable for ceilings up to 1-1/2" thick.


Electronic 120V ballast with end of life protection. Class P thermally protected ballast protects against improper contact with insulation.

Socket base: 13W four-pin DTT (G24Q-1), TRT (GX24Q-1); 18W four-pin DTT (G24Q-2), TRT (GX24Q-2); 26W four-pin TRT (GX24Q-3).


UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards.

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