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High Lumen Flood Size 1 - HLF1

LED Flood Luminaire

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Intended Use

The Lithonia High Lumen LED Flood Size 1 (HLF1) is capable of replacing 400W to 1000W metal halide luminaires while delivering exceptional energy savings. Its long service life of over 100,000 hours, or 20+ years of nighttime use, makes it ideal for high mounting applications, virtually eliminating expensive lamp changes.

The instant-on feature eliminates the long strike and re-strike times associated with HID floods. Available in both yoke and slip fitter mounts, the HLF1 is easy to install on existing poles and brackets.


The High Lumen LED Flood’s die-cast aluminum housing has integral heat sink fins to optimize thermal management through conductive and convective cooling. The LED drivers are mounted in direct contact with the casting to promote low operating temperature and long life. Housing is completely sealed against moisture and environment contaminants (IP66). Low EPA 3.4 ft2 (0.31m2) for optimized wind loading.


Exterior parts are protected by a zinc-infused Super Durable TGIC thermoset powder coat finish that provides superior resistance to corrosion and weathering. A tightly controlled multi-stage process ensures a minimum 3 mils thickness for a finish that can withstand extreme climate changes without cracking or peeling.


A variety of precision-molded vacuum-metalized specular reflectors are engineered for superior field-to-beam ratios, uniformity, and spacing. Light engines are available in 3000K (70 CRI min.), 4000K (70 CRI min.) and 5000K (70 CRI min.) configurations. Optional visors offer additional versatility.


Light engines consist of chip-on-board (COB) LEDs directly coupled to the housing to maximize heat dissipation and promote long life (100,000 hrs at 25°C, L80). Class 1 electronic driver has a power factor >90%, THD <20%, and has an expected life of 100,000 hours with <1% failure rate. 10kV surge protection meets a minimum Category C low operation per ANSI/IEEE C62.41.2.


Integral adjustable slipfitter or yoke mounting assemblies facilitate quick and easy installation with a variety of mounting accessories. This secure connection enables the High Lumen LED Flood to withstand up to a 1.5 G vibration load rating per ANSI/IEEE C136.31.


CSA certified to U.S. and Canadian standards. IP 66 rated for outdoor applications. Rated for -40°C minimum ambient conditions.

Five year limited warranty. Full warranty terms located at

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.
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