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LED RELIGHT Assembly System for Lensed & Parabolic Troffers

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Intended Use

The GT Series LED Relight assembly kit is the ideal solution for renovating existing fluorescent lensed troffers, delivering improved quality of light and refreshing the space. GTLR delivers high efficiency and energy savings vs. existing fluorescent systems. The GTLR Relight assembly is recommended for offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and other general lighting applications where existing 2x2, 2x4 and 1x4 lensed troffers are currently in use.


Universal end brackets/driver assembly are constructed of aluminum for optimal thermal performance and are secured to the host fixture with provided tek screws. End brackets are painted white to match existing lensed troffer finish. The LED light engine panel is highly reflective white aluminum with plug-in connection to driver. A steel wiring connection cover is provided for use if required. Standard kit requires use of existing door frame/lens assembly.


LED light panel is designed to provide consistent, uniform lighting. Mounting brackets optimize source-to-aperture distance.


Long-life LEDs, coupled with high-efficiency drivers, provide extended service life. GTLR is rated to deliver L90 performance at 60,000 hours. Ballast disconnect is provided for quick installation.


After existing fluorescent components are removed from housing, universal end brackets are fastened in place with provided tek screws and the driver is mounted in the channel. Supply wiring connection is made with plug-in ballast disconnect. The LED panel plugs into the driver and snaps into place between end brackets for consistent source-to-aperture positioning. LED boards include plug-in connectors for easy replacement or servicing. test

Installation Video can be found HERE.

UL Classified as suitable for damp location and air-handling installations..


UL/cUL classified for use in recessed fluorescent light fixtures. Installation per instructions will not impact existing fixture UL listing or air-handling capabilities. Tested to LM80 standards.

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