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High Performance Relighting for Parabolics

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Intended Use

The ES8R is an ideal solution for relighting a parabolic installation when a one-for-one upgrade is desired. ES8R is designed for installation into host parabolic fixtures that are a minimum of 4-3/8" deep. ES8R is not specifically designed for lensed troffer upgrades or lensed troffers with parabolic renovator kit installations. Ideal for retail, educational, commercial and other general lighting applications.

ES8R delivers more balanced light levels vertically and horizontally while eliminating the "cave effect" produced by traditional parabolic fixtures.

ES8R provides substantial energy savings of up to 45% compared to a three-lamp T8 electronic ballast system and up to 56% savings compared to a three-lamp T12 ES magnetic system.

Relighting details (web site).


Universal end brackets containing the prewired ballast and sockets are constructed of 20-gauge painted steel. A ballast disconnect plug is installed standard.

Robust design, precision-tooling and automated assembly combine to create the industry's most rugged louver.

The reflector system is constructed from highly reflective white paint and easily attaches to the end brackets with quarter-turn fasteners.

Louver assembly is painted after fabrication with low- gloss, high reflectivity polyester powder coat that is easy to clean and resists fingerprints. Reflectors are finished in highly reflective computer-controlled gloss white paint.


Mechanical shielding is provided with angled length blades and linear faceted cross baffles. Contoured housing efficiently directs light downward. Lamp cut-outs maximize shielding while minimizing overall assembly depth to provide consistent performance in any host fixture application. Vertical light levels are improved, providing a balanced amount of light across all surfaces.


Standard ballast is high-efficiency, CEE (Consortium for Energy Efficiency) qualified, instant start, <10% THD, universal voltage and sound rated A. Suggested lamps are high-lumen, long-life Super T8 lamps which contribute to maximizing system performance. Optional programmed start and step-dimming ballasts are available as well as several ballast factor options.


Louver assembly hinges from either side for access to lamps. For ballast access, continue process by removing quarter-turn fasteners and reflectors.


UL Listed/CUL Classified. Does not impact existing UL listing. Labeled for use in air- handling fixtures.

Protected by one or more U.S. Patent Nos. 6,210,025; 6,231,213. Additional patents pending.

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