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AC Power Systems

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Intended Use

An off-line AC power system for the emergency operation of HID, incandescent and fluorescent emergency lighting loads that provides full light output for 90 minutes of operation.


Free-standing NEMA Type 1 cabinet.

Microprocessor-controlled PWM inverter with IGBT technology allows for universal compatibility.

FT has a 65K amp inrush current rating.

Sinusoidal output waveform has <3% THD.

Off-line uninterruptable system has 2-millisecond transfer time.

Standard circuit protection: low-voltage disconnect, short-circuit protection, current-limiting, fused-battery protection, brownout protection, input circuit breaker.

Standard RS232 diagnostic interface.


UL Listed (standard) for 90 minutes of emergency operation.

Output ratings: 1,500 VA to 16,700 VA. Single- phase system.

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