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D-Series Wall Size 1

D-Series Wall Pack LED Outdoor Size 1

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Intended Use

The energy savings, long life and easy-to-install design of the D-Series Wall products make them the smart choice for building-mounted doorway and pathway illumination for nearly any facility.


Two-piece die-cast aluminum housing has integral heat sink fins to optimize thermal management through conductive and convective cooling. Modular design allows for ease of maintenance. The LED driver is mounted to the door to thermally isolate it from the light engines for low operating temperature and long life. Housing is completely sealed against moisture and environmental contaminants.

Exterior parts are protected by a zinc-infused Super Durable TGIC thermoset powder coat finish that provides superior resistance to corrosion and weathering. A tightly controlled multi-stage process ensures a minimum 3 mils thickness for a finish that can withstand extreme climate changes without cracking or peeling. Available in textured and non-textured finishes.


Precision-molded proprietary acrylic lenses provide multiple photometric distributions tailored specifically to building mounted applications. Light engines are available in 3000K (80 min. CRI), 4000K (70 min. CRI) or 5000K (65 min. CRI) configurations.


Light engine(s) consist of 10 high-efficacy LEDs mounted to a metal-core circuit board to maximize heat dissipation and promote long life (up to L88/100,000 hrs at 25°C). Class 1 electronic drivers have a power factor >90%, THD <20%, and an expected life of 100,000 hours. Surge protection device meets a minimum Category C Low (per ANSI/IEEE C62.41.2).


Included universal mounting bracket attaches securely to any 4” round or square outlet box for quick and easy installation. Luminaire has a slotted gasket wireway and attaches to the mounting bracket via corrosion-resistant screws.


CSA certified to U.S. and Canadian standards. Rated for -40°C minimum ambient.

Warranty: Five year limited warranty. Full warranty terms located at

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.