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AVRK Retrofit Kit

Industrial Retrofit Kit

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Intended Use

The AVRK industrial retrofit kit is designed to provide maximum efficiency lighting for retail, industrial and commercial applications. The AVRK easily coverts existing 4' and 8' strips to enhance light levels. The AVRK industrial retrofit kit maximizes fixture efficiency and provides uniform light distribution.


Preassembled in 4' or 8' nominal lengths, also available in a variety of lamp configurations. The AVRK industrial retrofit kit is designed for easily fit up to most commercial fluorescent strip fixtures, and installs with simple hand and power tools. Channel is secured to the strip fixture channel with self tapping screws. The reflector is attached to the new channel cover with die-formed lances and quarter turn fasteners. The AVRK industrial retrofit kit includes channel, reflector, sockets; and is hardwired for quick installation.


Reflectors are precision formed, high performance, 95% total reflectance, segmented optics utilizing Alanod MIRO® 4 specular aluminum warranted for 25 years. White reflectors have 93+% total reflectance and are finished with an in-house polyester powder coating system. Reflector optics are available in a wide variety of photometric distributions and spacing criteria.


Lamps are secured with rotary locking lamp sockets for ease of relamping and to reduce lamps disconnecting due to vibration or incidental contact. Kit is bi-national listed (UL 1598 and CSA C22.2 No. 250.0-00) and is suitable for damp locations. Lamp socket accepts No. 18 gauge wire, either solid, solder dipped or twisted-tinned or fuse wire.


The AVRK industrial retrofit kit mounts easily, requiring only simple hand tools. The process includes removal of the existing ballast cover(s) and removal of the existing socket brackets and ballast. The reflector is then attached to the existing strip channel with die-formed lances or quarter turn fasteners.


UL listed as luminaire conversion, retrofit.

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