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6HF Wet Lens

6" CFL Horizontal (Light Line)

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Intended Use

Ideal for a wide variety of low- to medium-height ceiling applications in wet locations (showers and outdoor applications).


Recessed frame-in rated Non-IC for new construction or remodel applications. Approved for all ceiling and wiring types. Galvanized steel mounting frame with mechanical trim retention (yoke) ensures secure and flush reflector mounting to ceiling. Mounting frame has cutout section for remodel applications when installation from below is necessary. Galvanized bar hangers span up to 24” o.c. and feature built-in T-bar clips and nailers for T-bar or wood joist installation. Frames equipped with galvanized junction box UL Listed for through wire applications.

Maximum 1-1/2" ceiling thickness.

Available Reflector Options
1-Lamp, Triple-Tube (TRT): F6LS1, F6LSB1, F6LS4, F6LSB4, F6LS73, F6LSB73
2-Lamp, Double Twin-Tube (DTT): F6LF3, F6LFB3, F6L4, F6LB4, F6LF73, F6LFB73, F6LD3, F6LDB3

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