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6" P Series LED Modules

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Intended Use

The P Series includes all the sizes that you demand — 4", 5" and 6" at a price that you wouldn’t expect. Each size was designed and engineered to deliver superior performance. The P Series is up to 86 percent more efficient than incandescent luminaires – giving you up to 46 years of expected life in a residential application*.

(*50,000 hours at 3 hours per day)

P Series 6" can fit any 6-inch recessed can-style housings and can retrofit a 65W to 100W incandescent lamp. P Series is rated for installation in any indoor wet location.

Best used to light large areas evenly with normal ceiling heights in cost sensitive applications. P Series works like a 65W BR30 lamp (general illumination).

Dimmer Compatibility Chart (click here)

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